Saturday, September 09, 2006

Update: I recently checked this directory (actually more than 3 years after my initial submittal)and found out that my link (and many others) where removed... therefore I am changing my recommendation to NOT recommended

A reciprocal link is a must. Popular Internet Links directory focused mainly on computers and programming but also covers blogs, humor, entertainment, news, medical, games, real estate and property.

Recommendation: Not Recommended

Saturday, September 02, 2006

QUOTE: Link submitted and awaiting approval.

A reciprocal link is not a must. My link was added.
Click on read more at the end of this post to see their link.

Recommendation: Recommended (Not Recommended)

QUOTE: Thanks for registering, and dont worry, your site will be checked soon :) A reciprocal link is appreciated, but not compulsary (if you can't add a link, write about us in your blog)
I couldn't find their "contact us" section or an email to write them, so I emailed their (buyer of domain according to alexa). No one answered my emails.
Listed in LS Blogs

Recommendation: BAD

QUOTE: Thanks! We've added to our database and will begin crawling shortly.
The feed was finally added.

Recommendation: Recommended

QUOTE: Congratulations you have submitted your Blog. You will be added to the list of Introductions and Introduced soon.

Ï sent Blogintro an email to ask if there are any problems, that's the answer I got from them:
"I have checked my records and found that you submitted on 9/2/2006 at 11:15:42 EST. There are roughly 100 blogs ahead of you waiting to be introduced. Around 40 of those will most likely not be introduced. I would expect your blog to be introduced in 4 week if it is still being regularly updated."

Well... today is September 15th, countdown begins :)
They finally added us, 4 weeks later, as they said.

Recommendation: Recommended (Not recommended)

My blog was automatically added, as if it was a comment. But was later removed...

Recommendation: Not recommended