Monday, October 26, 2009

Is it worth to continue submitting your blog to indexes?

Should you continue submitting your blog to indexes?

Is it worth to continue submitting your blog to indexes or directories? Once a blog achieves a certain PR (for example PR3 like this blog), that a question worth asking.
On the one hand, you want inbound links in order to increase your blogs ranking in the "eyes" of google. On the other hand, most of these blog directories or blog indexes, request that you link back to them in exchange for submitting. This can be tricky, especially if your posts appear on the homepage like on this blogspot blog.
You may end up linking to them from a PR3 webpage while they link back to your blog from a PR0 webpage. So, probably the best next steps to to try to improve your google PR without buying links, are:

1. Find blog directories that will link to you from PR3 or more webpages. That way you won't end up exchanging links with a low PR indexes.
2. Get inbound links without having to link back. This can be done by posting comments on high PR pages.
3. Be active in forums.
4. Post blogs on RSS feeds.

Saturday, February 21, 2009 (not recommended)

Hello! I'm back and hopefully will stay around for a while. A long period since my last post, and I thought I'd share a fact I just found out.

I co-own a
gaming website since 2004. Back then, we added a "link exchange" page for the purpose of increasing our page rank by linking to related websites /indexes and receiving in return a link back.

5 years later (it was about time) I decided to start checking who is still linking back to us. Below is my first finding:
A UK based directory named removed our link. I tried to find out a way to contact the site owner and guess what, nothing under "contact us" actually leads to a way to contact them. By the way, their google page rank is 5... who know how many other sites were cheated by them.

Recommendation: Not recommended