Saturday, August 26, 2006

They do not require a reciprocal link. They added my blog.
A click on the blog's tittle opens the blog through a redirect (

Recommendation: OK (Not Recommended)

QUOTE: Thank you for submitting "A Blog for Bloggers - Blog Directories Reviews" at We will review it to make sure it is working and meets our high standards.
Please do not submit your blog more than once.

I sent them messages through their "contact us" section, did not get a response from

Recommendation: Bad (Not Recommended)

QUOTE: Thank you for your submission.
They did not add my blog. They do not have a search box on their web page. I sent them a few emails, but they did not respond.

Recommendation: Bad (Not Recommended)

They require a reciprocal link (I have removed it after getting no answer from them):
Link With Us - Web Directory
QUOTE: Submit your blog to us and get exposed to hundreds of daily visitors to our directory.You can easily maximize daily traffic and search engine ranking of your blog.

They did not reply to my emails.

Recommendation: Bad

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 (Not Recommended)

I got good recommendations from this website. They request a link back, let's see if the add us...
They sent an email notifying that they added my blog. I checked and they added us indeed.
I wrote an email to Dan at and I'm waiting to hear back from him... they changed their site in a way I could not find it...

The concept of the website changed and they are no longer showing reciprocal links. I removed their link form this post (They got page rank 7 in google, among other things by getting inbound links from websites). Always make sure that your reciprocal link partners keep your link on their site.

Recommendation: Bad

Monday, August 21, 2006 (not recommended)

QUOTE: If you are paying for your listing, you do not have to fill out reciprocal link field. Otherwise, all fields are required.

I found out that there is no "submit" button on the form...
The is no "contact us" in their site either...

Recommendation: BAD (Not Recommended)

QUOTE: Your weblog, Blog for Bloggers, has been listed in the directory.
They did not add my blog. Tried to email them and mails kept bouncing back. Tried to send them a message through the form on their website and it didn't work...

Recommendation: Bad (Not Recommended)

Link back is a must.
QUOTE: Link submitted and awaiting approval.

I removed their link because they did not add a link to my blog. In addition to that there is no way to contact them (no "contact us" link in their website...)

Recommendation: BAD

QUOTE: We received your Link submission. Thanks!
You will receive an e-mail after your site has been added.

After some correspondence with them, they added my blog. There is not a direct link but rather a redirect (

Recommendation: feasible (Not Recommended)

I sent several messages through their "contact us" form, to ask if there are any problems, they never replied...

Recommendation: Bad

QUOTE: Your site has been submitted and is subject to approval. Linking to us will give your site the ability to attain a better ranking in our directory.
Blogarama - The Blog Directory
It took a long time but they added it.

Recommendation: Good

Sunday, August 20, 2006

QUOTE: Your submission is now under review. It will be added to directory within 24 hours and you will be informed about inclusion.
Thank You...
Now, please link back to our site from any page on your site. To do so, you may use the code provided below. Just copy/paste this code to your page(s):

I left their link in my blog for about a week and sent them two emails to ask if there is any specific reason why they didn't list my blog.

After some correspondence with "A" from, they added my blog. Recommendation changed from bad to recommended.

Recommendation: Recommended

Saturday, August 05, 2006 (Not Recommended)

QUOTE: Thank you for submitting your blog. It will be listed in our directory as soon as possible.
They did not request a link back.
Sent several emails to webmaster[at] but they keep bouncing back...

Recommendation: Bad (Not Recommended)

A link back is not required. I submitted my blog, but it hasn't been listed...
I tried to make contact but they did not reply to emails.

Recommendation: BAD

Friday, August 04, 2006

These guys will list your blog even if you don't link back to them.
Quote: "If you've submitted your site, please feel free to link to us. A link back to Globe of Blogs is not required for being listed, but it is appreciated!" Good Job!

Recommendation: Recommended

QUOTE: Thank you! We will send you an email once your blog has been validated.

In return for listing your site, I ask for a small return favour. A link back to Bloggernity. Thanks.

Because of the reason stated below (the redirect) I decided to remove their link.

blog search directory
They show "link to your blog" after a search has been performed, but they disable your link. A click on your blog's tittle will open a new webpage and only then, they will redirect ( to your blog... (two clicks are needed to get to your blog)

Recommendation: feasible (Not Recommended)

I got a notification via email saying that my blog has been added, quote: Subject: Your URL has been added.
Please use the code below to link us.

In effect, none of the blogs I added to were actually listed. Their email is a "no reply" email, any attempt to write them will not succeed. There is no way to contact them, not even through the "contact us" on their site! Be aware: This directory is a waste of time. They only add links with high PR (page rank) obviously to increase their own PR.

Recomendation: BAD (You Decide)

Your site has been added to the submission queue. Thank you for adding your site to Blogwise.
I filled in a "contact us" form in their site three times and got no answer...
Finally had some correspondence with "S" from blogwise (I didn't ask permission to write his name) and although in his first email he was willing to add my blog "In any case, we're here and trying our best. I can't in fairness force your blog through the listings above others, but I can say that your blog is in the list, waiting to be added 'as soon as we possibly can'.", they eventually decided that this blog is not good enough to be listed in their directory.
The main reasons metioned were:
1. Posts are being re-edited: "you appear to be editing existing posts to update them" (which is a must because of the natue of my blog)
2. As he said: "Using a blog host like Blogspot also doesn't automatically qualify sites. So as I say, in my view you're not running a blog anyway and the site would be rejected"
In their favor I must say that unlike other directories, at least "S" took the time to eventually answer my emails. To be 100% fair, I must say that "S" may have been offended because I suggested that a part of the email he sent me was "copied & pasted" however, I made it clear that I had no intention to offend him.
"S", I invite you to leave a comment or to reply to my last email if you want.

Recommendation: you decide (Not Recommended)

QUOTE:: Your site has been added to our queue - it must be approved before it appears live in the directory. You will be notified by email when this happens. Also feel free to submit to our partner site, Blog Top Sites.

They did not request a link back. I Sent blogflux two emails to ask if there is a reason why they are not adding my blogs. Got no response from them...

Recommendation: BAD

They ask for a link back (not clear if it's a must, I added it and later deleted it)

My blog was added, but there is no direct link to it. After performing a search, the tittle and description of my blog appear as I wrote them in the submition process but there is no link to my blog yet. If you want to actually see my blog you have to click on a text link that says "visit this blog" and then click on an other link which is a redirection to my blog (

Recommendation: Feasible

QUOTE: your submission will be reviewed within 48 hours
They did not add the blog. An email was sent to them in order to get their response.
I contacted the blog admin and he sent me a link to a page where my link is listed:
There is a redirection to my blog ( which is not the best for search engines and page rank...

UPDATE: After reading one of the comments on this post, I checked and found out that they are no longer redirecting, now they are linking directly, which makes it worthwhile.

Thank you for posting comments!

Recommendation: recommended (Not Recommended)

I submited a few blogs to and they never listed any of them... Of course, they requested that I add their link first which I did... I removed their link after several days, but if you see a blog with the following gif feel free to warn: directory logo
Be aware of their trick: when you try to submit your blog they show an error message telling that they didn't find their link in your blog.
I emailed them to ask if there are any problems and they answered me that they are reviewing my blog and encouraged me to subscribe my blogs to,, and YEAH RIGHT!!!

Recommendation: BAD

These are good guys. Just sign in, submit your blog and Technorati will link to you (even if you don't link back to them) They offer a few nice tools to add to your blogs as well.

Recommendation: Very recommended