Friday, August 04, 2006

QUOTE: your submission will be reviewed within 48 hours
They did not add the blog. An email was sent to them in order to get their response.
I contacted the blog admin and he sent me a link to a page where my link is listed:
There is a redirection to my blog ( which is not the best for search engines and page rank...

UPDATE: After reading one of the comments on this post, I checked and found out that they are no longer redirecting, now they are linking directly, which makes it worthwhile.

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Antony said...

Your blog was added and BlogCatalog no longer has redirects.

Please correct your misinformation

steve said...

BlogCatalog no longer has a page redirect. They pass page rank

hermine said...

ya i think you are wright

Editor said...

I have checked it and you are right!
I'm updating my recommendation

Anonymous said...

hello dear check it carefully one of url is not working please fix it