Monday, August 21, 2006

QUOTE: Your site has been submitted and is subject to approval. Linking to us will give your site the ability to attain a better ranking in our directory.
Blogarama - The Blog Directory
It took a long time but they added it.

Recommendation: Good


captain1821 said...

I didn't had a problem with them. They send me this e-mail after a few days:

Congratulations! Your site has been added to our directory.

Site Name: Paid Mails
Site URL:
SiteID: 48258

Please use this HTML code to link to us:


Linking to us will give your site the opportunity to attain better rankings.

I made a search with their search box for paid mails and 2 results came up including my page.

I will consider adding their link. Maybe I got luckier than you.

Nico said...

good luck!

freestone said...

as of july 2008 they want your email PASSWORD and your email username. Do you trust them for this?!
You have to give them these if you want to add a blog.


zaid said...

I left their link in my blog for about a week and sent them two emails to ask if there is any specific reason why they didn't list my blog