Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sites linking to your blog

There are many ways to check who is linking to your blog. is one of them. To see who is who is linking to this blog click here:
Who links to my blog?


lilac^ said...

oh, i never tried however, i used other tools such and i can always check it through google search. by using this: linkdomain:url
But i wanna try this soon! :-)

BlogmasterPg said...

In many post you don't link these firectory; why? in this way it isn't useful for users.. It's a SEO reason?

Anonymous said...

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speakum said...

That is really a great page you recommend here, however, the strange thing is that, when I enter the address of the University of Maastricht blog, it does not show any sites linking to it.

And I know that there are pages linking to the blog.

How long does it take until these links are captured?

Dildo said...

that is fine blog for the webmasters.
if there is an option for the webmaster to post in this blog,i think in their discussion lots of tools will come out here

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very useful tool.

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ugg boots said...

Thanks for sharing.
I will try later.

suroz said...

Thanks for sharing this link.

Editor said...

@ BlogmasterPg:
the reason i don't link to them is because they don't link back to me via a "clean link" (i.e. no redirections etc)